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Cooper Drug - State St - Augustus KS

Going downtown.
Spring stopped here Mom......
Seriously, it was beautiful and then it got cold and frosty.  I am still feeling "springy" so I am scouring the archives for visions of springs past...
Like this one, from the historic downtown of Augustus KS.  Fun place to stop on the way to Wichita.
xoxo a.d.

First Leaves Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

It isn't just about flowers.
After finding the crocus Mom,
I started searching around for more signs of Spring.
Leaf buds are beginning.
I am so excited!!!
xoxo a.d.

First Flower Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

Spring is here!
I am so excited Mom!
Spring is here, the first flower of the year is starting to bloom in my flower bed.
I love the crocus!  I love spring!   
I love the sun!
xoxo a.d.

Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium - Hwy 116 - Booneville AR

Historic Art Deco Architecture.

So guess what else is in Booneville Mom?
The historic Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium.  This is the Nyberg building, the main hospital, which stopped treating patients in the 1970's.
We had read that this was a museum, but it wasn't open when we came and we couldn't find any information about tours, so I don't think that information is current.
While a gorgeous building that is on the historical register, I rather think it was haunted, if not, certainly eerie.
The rest of the grounds were put to other uses.
xoxo a.d.

Batman in Booneville - S. Broadway - Booneville AR

Superheros can be found anywhere.
Last year driving to the  Hot Springs Spa  Mom,
We saw a turn off for the town Booneville - I always meant to get back there and find out what was in the "boonies" and I found Batman.
It was awesome.  We now know where the Dark Knight goes for vacation. 
(he was really nice)
xoxo a.d.

Cavern Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

An underground river.

Geese I49 Bella Vista Arkansas

Poor Geese Mom!
There is so much water right now that the geese aren't sure what to do.  This is Lake Rayburn, it has overrun the shore. Generally, there is a walking trail here.  But the trail follows Sugar Creek and is mostly underwater now.
Crazy weather.
xoxo a.d.