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Pier 16th St. Tybee Island GA.

Here is the pier at Tybee Beach GA Mom (say that 5 times fast).
This is my first time seeing the Atlantic Ocean :) although seeing the damage the Atlantic caused by Hurricane Matthew was quite scary.

Natural Falls HWY 412 Colcord OK

Isn't this pretty Mom?  This is Natural Falls, along HWY 412 in Oklahoma.  
It has been dry around here, so they are just a trickle, but still beauteous.


Sunset through a Storm E Sheridan Ave Oklahoma City OK

You know Mom,

Oklahoma, like Kansas can make some awesome sunset pictures.
It almost looks quiet and peaceful (Oklahoma city is NOT quiet) it just almost looks like it.


Tanyard Creek Falls HWY 340 Northern Arkansas

Hey Mom

Left the car parked on HWY 340 and wandered down a short trail and found Tanyard Creek Falls.   Great place for a picnic, lots of flora and fauna.

Greer's Candy HWY 62 Garfield Arkansas

Look what we found Mom!

Cute little candy shop along HWY 62 by Garfield AR.
(the salted caramels are really good too)

Maybe I will send some to Min.....


Promised Land Zoo MO 86 Eagle Rock MO

So you wouldn't think it Mom.....
.....but along MO86, near Eagle MO is a cute little safari type zoo, plus a petting zoo, where I found this guy, lording over the rest of the goats on his stump.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave HWY AR-59 Sulphur Springs

This is the Old Spanish Treasure Cave- in short, the Conquistadors wandered through, raped & pillaged, and then hid in this cave with the their treasure - only this cave had a chimney so the natives returned the rape &pillage - but, the treasure is here.....somewhere..... XOXO A.D.

Civil War History - HWY 62 Pea Ridge Military Park AR

My first Civil War battlefield site Mom....

historically significant I suppose, but I think that the Civil War was a very sad time for our country. XOXO A.D.

Jesse James in the Cave Cavern Dr War Eagle Cavern AR

Arkansas sure has some fun little caves Mom
This one is War Eagle - Jesse James Hid here and it was a big party place in the 20's - now it is the home to bats and salamanders. Great Guides - we were the first to arrive and ended up with a private tour - early bird gets the worm. XOXO A.D.

Spa Day HWY 7 Hot Springs AR

A day at the Spa - wish you were here Mom :):)
HWY 7 Hot Springs AR.

A Single Twin - HWY 74 Devils Den State Park AR

Look at this Mom!
These are the falls at Devil's Den - a pretty state park, with a waterfall, one of the Civilian Conservation Corp Projects.
Popular place to camp and Hike.


Ancient Fingers Mesa Top Ruin Road Mancos CO

Oh Mom
Mesa Verde is amazing - look at this masonry basin - you can almost see their finger prints.  It is such a link to the past. XOXO A.D.

San Luis Valley Main Street, Alamosa CO.

Oh Mom,
I am in heaven - we found a little brew pub that serves a reuben that should be famous.  Their home-brewed root beer was also very awesome - we still had a few hours to drive and had to pass on the real home-brew beer :(   XOXO A.D.

Valentine Moon HWY 74 Evergreen CO

What do you think Mom-A Full Moon night hike on Valentine's day sounds romantic right?
It was cold! That is what it was.

The Sundance Cafe Peak to Peak HWY 119 Colorado

I am in love with a hamburger Mom!
It was delicious.
It was a bacon/brie/burger.

The Sundance Cafe is a definite must stop during a Peak to Peak drive.

A Diamond in the Mountains 4th of July Trail and Road Nederland CO

So Mom
At the end of a trail and road named 4th of July - not because they are patriotic but because the snow doesn't allow passage until then - there is a lake, Diamond Lake

Worth the hike, we were gasping for breath (altitude and beauty)


Leftovers Un-named Road Rozel Bay Corrine UT

The water is Pink Mom!!!We drove out to Rozel Bay to see the Spiral Jetty - alas it was underwater :(
It is so quiet and surreal here.
Except for the mosquitos - they are definitely real.

Half Dome Yosemite National Park Rd Yosemite Valley CA

Mom - This is Half Dome - - and we are here in Yosemite, thankful that we had reserved a campground. Oh and the bears here can open up car doors - locking the Carmex in the bear box - I don't want to explain "bear in car" to insurance - I think they would be pissed.

Latourell Falls Historic Columbia River Hwy Corbett OR

Waterfalls Mom WaterfallsWe were here in Oregon, road tripping down the Historic Columbia Hwy right at the beginning of Autumn This is Latourell Falls - the first in a series of waterfalls that stretch about 75 miles along the road.  XOXO A.D.

Fish Creek Falls RCR 32 Steamboat Springs CO

It's snowing :(

I was reminiscing about our trip our trip to Steamboat Springs during the last snow melt.

Fish Creek Falls was ROARING - it was awesome.


Juniper Way Loop Colorado Springs CO

It was a balmy 30 degrees here Mom....

....So I drove South - to Colorado Springs - where it was a balmy 26 degrees :(

I did have a lot of fun exploring the Garden of the Gods.  


Parvin Lake W County Rd 74e Red Feather Lakes CO

Winter visions of picnic pasts at Red Feathers Lakes Mom

This is Parvin Lake , it was a rare piece of quiet because most people go to the nearby Dowdy Lake - our secret ok?


Hanging Lake US I70 MM125 CO

I love the wind Mom - 

-particularly the snarly kind that rattles windows and causes a ruckus.  But it is 2am now :(  

Looking through my last I70 drive through CO.  Hanging Lake, a good hike to break up the drive (although the entire section of I70 is lovely through there)

Denver Zoo 23rd Ave Denver CO

Happiest Fish Ever Mom!

Spent the day at the Denver Zoo, looking at the fish.

Maybe he is happy because he knows he can’t be eaten, toxic fish that he is (or maybe a she? I am not sure how to tell)


Maxwell Creek Brook Forrest Rd Evergreen CO

Fun with magnifying filters Mom

Maxwell Creek was a mere trickle, a drizzle - and with the power of a magnifying filter and laying in the mud it looks majestic (do I exaggerate?)