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Old Spanish Treasure Cave HWY AR-59 Sulphur Springs

This is the Old Spanish Treasure Cave- in short, the Conquistadors wandered through, raped & pillaged, and then hid in this cave with the their treasure - only this cave had a chimney so the natives returned the rape &pillage - but, the treasure is here.....somewhere..... XOXO A.D.

Civil War History - HWY 62 Pea Ridge Military Park AR

My first Civil War battlefield site Mom....

historically significant I suppose, but I think that the Civil War was a very sad time for our country. XOXO A.D.

Jesse James in the Cave Cavern Dr War Eagle Cavern AR

Arkansas sure has some fun little caves Mom
This one is War Eagle - Jesse James Hid here and it was a big party place in the 20's - now it is the home to bats and salamanders. Great Guides - we were the first to arrive and ended up with a private tour - early bird gets the worm. XOXO A.D.

Spa Day HWY 7 Hot Springs AR

A day at the Spa - wish you were here Mom :):)
HWY 7 Hot Springs AR.