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Speckled Lilies AR 210 Eureka Springs AR

F Freckles are pretty!

Mom - I decided on these freckled lilies for this Friday's Flower.
I found these at Blue Springs in Eureka Springs - it is a very deep (bottomless?) pool.
I chose these because, at the end of the summer, I am feeling pretty freckled myself.
xoxo a.d.

Lone Tree - I80 - Buford WY

I It really isn't the only tree in Wyoming.
This is Lone Tree and/or Tree in Rock Mom,
Remember what I said about Wyomingites being truly hardy people?  The same could be said for it's trees - this one not only grew, but grew out of a boulder.
Even the railroad thought it was cool enough to divert the tracks around it.
xoxo a.d.

High Plains - I80 - Wyoming

S Surreal.
This is Wyoming, Mom.
Wyomingites must be very hardy people.  The landscape is stark and quite harsh.  It has a surreal beauty, one of wind and isolation.
We are having a great time revisiting the 80's hair bands while driving.
Been quite an awesome trip down memory lane.
xoxo a.d.

Gerbera - AR 549 - Bella Visa AR

I I really like orange flowers.
Hi Mom - This Friday's Flower is Gerbera.
I love color.  The deep gingery tones are the best.
This was such a great find at the florist.
xoxo a.d.

Devil's Slide - I84 - Weber Canyon UT

G Geologic wonder with spiritual significance.
Look Mom! Devil's Slide
According to legend, this is where the Devil slid down to Hell after God kicked him out of heaven.
Of course, like everything else, the actual location of the Devil's descent is open debate, as there is also a Devil's Slide in California and Montana.
Perhaps God gave the Devil more than one chance?  The whole three-strike rule?
xoxo a.d.

Sunset On Fire - I84 Weber Canyon UT

R Red Skies at night.
It has been a long while Mom but,
I managed a drive through the Great Basin again.
I had forgotten the beauty of the red skies during fire season.
Amazing sunset - I almost forgot I had a camera.
xoxo a.d.

Serrated and Bossy - Old Mamalahoa Rd - Papaikou HI

O Orchids on the edge!
Yup more Orchids for your Friday Flower Mom-
I can't help it - they are soooo bossy looking.  You have to love anything that small that appears so fierce. 
Particularly these ones with their scrappy, serrated edges.
Until next time.
xoxo a.d.

Sleepy Head I70 Colby KS

Almost missed it!

Seriously Mom, the Great Plains have some of the best skies.
This here is Kansas and the skycape is spectacular.  It even looks great when I hand hold the camera in the parking lot of the hotel because I over slept.
I only got a few odd looks from the other guests.
xoxo a.d.

End of Summer AR HWY 23 AR

Another turning of the seasons

Where did the Summer go Mom?
It is already Labor Day and I haven't packed away my white clothes yet.  Instead with took a trip along the Pig Trail.  It is quite pretty now, but I am sure it will be absolutely stunning here in a month of so. I will have to come back then.
xoxo a.d.

Dahlia - Crossover Rd - Fayetteville AR

Just a hint of orange.
I picked a Dahlia (I think) for this Friday's Flower Mom.
I love botanical gardens, the are an oasis in the middle of the city.
This Dahlia was posing in the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.
xoxo a.d.