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Lone Mule - Weston St - Pea Ridge AR

I Is an empty saddle okay?

Lone Mule - Weston St - Pea Ridge AR - a.d. elliott

This is the ending of a boot race Mom.

To race, the participants must surrender their boots to be scattered at the end of the arena.  The contestants must race a mule to the end of the arena, dismount, find and put on THEIR boots (this rule was particularly emphasized), remount their mule and make it back across the finish line.

This is how most mules finished the race.

Did you know that mules are pretty grouchy animals?

xoxo a.d.


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Is That A Ghost? HWY 549 NWAR

E Eerie and unexpected.
This was a little creepy Mom - 
I was wandering through the forest, getting pictures of leaves, moss, and squirrels etc and when I started processing this image I noticed the shadow.
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xoxo a.d.

Towing Capacity - I70 - Eastern Colorado Plains

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xoxo a.d.

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L Look Mom! No cars!

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Next year!

xoxo a.d.