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Rose in Bloom 2018 - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

My roses have come alive!

After what seemed like a very slow start this year Mom:
Everything has finally come alive.  My roses are coming in so thick that soon you will not be able to see the leaves.
It also looks like I may have a pretty good aphid infestation as well.  I need to go buy some ladybugs this weekend.

xoxo a.d.

Rain Drops in Red - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Playing in the rain.

There was the best thunderstorm yesterday Mom!
It didn't last long, but it dropped a lot of water.
There were a collection of these big, fat, raindrops everywhere so I was playing with macro.  I love how the colors turned out in this one.

xoxo a.d.

This Years Forest - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Lots and lots of growth.

If you remember Mom.....
I was complaining about how wet the Spring was and how it was constantly raining?
Well, the forest has exploded - it is green, lush, and you can no longer see through the trees.  It is amazing to look at.
Unfortunately, as the forest exploded, so did the bug population, Fish has been covered in ticks almost daily.

We have stocked up on the pyrethrin and DEET.
xoxo a.d.

Almost Hollyhocks - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Seriously, it is time to bloom!
I have no patience Mom,
This is a hollyhock.  Last Spring I found the prettiest (according to the picture on the package) hollyhocks.
I planted them, and they grew to amazing heights, but didn't bloom. After researching a bit more, I realized that hollyhocks don't bloom the first year.  They just grow.
Here we are, year two.  The hollyhocks are thinking about blooming, but still haven't.
Fish is sure that these plants are weeds, not hollyhocks, and that  I am lying to him.
xoxo a.d.

Iris - Lake Ann - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Friday's Flower

Hi Mom,
Now that the ground is really blooming again,  here is a Friday Flower.
These are iris.  I had no idea they came in yellow, I have always thought they were purple/bluish.
I didn't realize they loved water so much either, the entire lake was surrounded by these yellow iris.  Quite a sight.

xoxo a.d.

Reclaiming the Stairs - Lake Ann - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Mother Nature moves fast in the Ozarks.
It amazes me how fast things are reabsorbed here Mom.
I have been so used to the dry, parched landscape that would leach all of the moisture out of old structures, but they would still remain intact - at least for much longer than they do in the Ozarks.  The humidity and undergrowth reclaim wood so quickly you can almost see it.
It reminds me of that one show, "After Us" or something like that, where they simulated how fast nature would take over if all humans were gone.  It wasn't long.
Ahhh, the joy of impermanence.
xoxo a.d.

Turtles - Lake Ann - Bella Vista AR

The Turtles are everywhere!
Mother's Day was Turtle Day Mom.
Yes, we do have a lot of turtles here, but generally I don't see upwards of 50 in a day.
It started with a little guy on the porch.
Then, we went to Lake Ann to float around and they were everywhere there.....not a tree branch or dock that didn't have at least 2 turtles on it.
It was a nice day, maybe they all came out to sun themselves at once.
xoxo a.d.

Reflections on Loch Lomond - Bella Vista AR

Lazy weekend.

We were bums this weekend Mom,
More so than usual.  
We spent most of it drifting around the lake,  Fish pretending to fish.
Sometimes it is good to have those days I think.
xoxo a.d.

Glory Hands - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

I am normally opposed to this sort of thing but....
This graffiti isn't what it seems Mom - 
It is actually quite cool.  Under the Glory Hole Falls there is some clay/mud and it is a "tradition" to leave a hand-print from the mud on the cavern walls.
It looks quite striking actually, and since this is mud, doesn't deface the rock.
Still, I didn't leave my hand-print, I have been schooled too long in "leave no traces"
xoxo a.d.

Prism - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

Reflected Light.

I guess it is no secret that I love capturing the flow of water on film Mom,
but here is another one.  It was really bright and I didn't bring any type of filter with me so I was not able to slow it down any.
I still like how it came out though.

xoxo a.d.

Flower Power - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

Flowers always find a way.
On a hike Mom,
and we found this pretty, delicate, little flower blooming through a tree stump.
It was quite the philosophical moment really,
"flowers will always find a way to blossom"
so to overcome hardship, one must be a flower.
xoxo a.d.

Weeping Moss - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

An artist's philosophy.
So, deep thinking time Mom - 
I have noticed that a lot of nature photographers come up with some deep and profound thought with each new print.  Which is cool, I am all about deep thinking, but, do you want to know what was going through my head as I was taking this picture?
I wonder what the water is going to look like slowed down  and A snake better not come up and bite me while I am standing here.
I don't particularly think of myself as shallow but really that was the thought process behind this picture.
xoxo a.d.

Glory Hole Falls - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

Nice hike, nice falls.

It was such a nice weekend Mom!
We went for a hike to the Glory Hole Falls, I suppose you can see where it got its name from.
The entire creek has short falls and water slides, and it was quite a pretty hike although a little steep in spots.
The falls and the area around it is a great picnic spot (we didn't bring one :/ )
xoxo a.d.

Alahaka Bay - Hwy 160 - Honaunau HI

It rains in paradise.
Hi Mom, 
Morel hunting is a frustrating thing.  We still can't find any.
Everyone else has found pounds upon pounds, I am covetous.
I also refuse to buy any at the farmer's market because, darn it,
I live in a forest and should be able to find these!
still looking....
xoxo a.d.

Wishful Landscaping - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

This may just stay a wish....

Screaming Trees - Hwy 491 - Mesa Verde Colorado

The trees still look mad.
I have been messing with these pictures for a while Mom,
and I can't seem to get them right.  Between 1996 and 2003 there were several fires at Mesa Verde and a lot of the bristlecone pines burned.
I have seen quite a few fire scars but this one struck me as odd, all of the trees looked mad.  Really mad.  I still don't think I captured how eerie it was on that plateau surrounded by angry trees, but it was quite the humbling experience.
xoxo a.d.

Magnolia's Protest - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Even the trees are fed up with the weather pattern.
This will be the one nice, warm day this week Mom.
Then we slide back into cold and rainy :/
Even the trees seem to be staging protests about the weather this Spring.
xoxo a.d.

Weaver - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

The Itsy, Bitsy, Spider.

My favorite spiders are out and about Mom:
I know they are kind of intimidating looking (particularly in macro) but
I hate mosquitoes, Fish hates them more (they always bite him).
This guy  LOVES mosquitoes (and all sorts of other, troublesome bugs).
They can stay.
xoxo a.d.

And It Rains - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Into each life a little rain must fall.
After a few days of sunshine Mom,
The clouds have descended upon us again.
This weekends storm looks to be exciting -
windy, snarly, electrical. Which are really my favorite type.
They clear the air so much.
xoxo a.d. 

A Spring Dawn on the Lake - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Any day now.....
It has been such a cold spring Mom - 
This week has been awesome and other than the coming storm this weekend,
 we are headed into the warmth of Spring.
I would have expected more leaves out, by this time all of the houses have disappeared 
behind their respective walls of foliage and we get to forget, for a few months, that we
have neighbors.  We are lucky that they are all so nice.
xoxo a.d.

Dolphins - Sea Harbor Dr - Orlando FL

Entering the stone age

Did you know Mom......
Dolphins are in the stone age.  Along with most primates, Dolphins use tools to accomplish things.
Otters, crows, octopus, and elephants all use tools too.
I have seen Ziggy useing them as well.
If animals are entering their stone age, shouldn't we re-evaluate how we are interacting with them?  
xoxo a.d. 

Variegated Petals 2018 - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Perhaps it will warm up today?
According to the weather channel, Spring will begin to act like Spring today Mom.
I think I made a mistake in the flower bed. I didn't cut all of the flowers that had come up before the storms. The poor things are in tatters and I feel like a bad plant parent.

xoxo a.d.

Mushrooms and Moss - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

'Tis the season
Hi Mom - 
It is Morel season and all of my neighbor's news feeds  contain pictures of the loads of tasty morels they have found for their dinners.
I have only found a couple snakes. I think the neighbors picked mine.
I am grateful that I live near a grocery store, I can't seem to get the foraging knack down.

xoxo a.d.

Stormy Weather - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Grey and dreary

Ack! Mom, 
Clouds, grey skies and occasional buckets full of rain.  
I had previously treated rainy days as "pajama days" and would lay around, reading and drinking tea.
Until this Spring,  if I held a "pajama day" every time it rained, I wouldn't be getting out of bed - and perhaps that is why daily rain is a struggle for me, I always feel like I should be curled up somewhere with a book, rather than act productively.
I wish there were a way to channel some of this water to the drought areas.  Granted none of it would be fit for drinking water, but irrigation for crops it would be great.
Is there a way to make this happen?
xoxo a.d.

Pink Tulip Petals Macro 2018 - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Where did tulips get their name?
Another macro shot of tulip petals Mom,
This overall picture causes the tulip to appear somewhat sensuous, and I wondered if that was behind the name.
Nope - named after the Persian word turban, of which they are said to resemble. (I think I disagree but okay)
I always thought tulips originated in the Netherlands, not the Middle East.   A lesson for the day.
xoxo a.d.

Parrot Tulip - Spring 2018 - NW Arkansas

Flower Macro
I had to trip some blossoms because of the storm Mom,
and because it is *still* raining, I have spent a lot of time in the studio, playing with macro and light.
The petals almost look like they are made out of silk.
xoxo a.d.

The Beneficial Vulture - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Who knew they were such good neighbors?
Really, Mom, these birds scare the crap out of me.
They are roosting all around my house and I kept thinking it was an omen or something, until I trusted the wisdom of a Google search.
So, they are the ultimate anti-bacterial bird - their diet curbs most diseases - even their poo is supposed to be somewhat anti-microbial.
They also remove the deadwood off of trees with their roosting - (incredibly helpful, I have several trees that have died).
There is also no reason to be afraid of their congregation, they are only after dead meat.
Hooray for the scary birds!
xoxo a.d.

Playing Outside - NW Arkansas

According to the Weather Channel.......

I am going to be outside today, Mom, all day - 
Today is supposed to be the one sunny day until sometime in May. 
Going to stock my vitamin D.
xoxo a.d.

Spring Pools - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

We are back to swimming.

King of the Cardinals - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Long live the King!
I believe this is the winner Mom - 
Spring is definitely in the air and birds have been battling it out.  I was a bit shocked by how forceful the birds are - this guy especially.
He has been standing his ground for sometime and I think that he is now the lord over my back yard.
I actually saw (because I had been keeping an eye on this guy) a female cardinal for the first time.  They may not be as brilliant, but they are still quite lovely birds.
xoxo a.d. elliott

Anemone 2018 - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

A favorite color combination of mine. Hi there Mom!
Still playing with the flowers, enjoying the early blooms and starting to thaw out from a cold winter.
This is a favorite color combination of mine, purple and yellow.  Underrated in the palettes of many.
Ziggy stepped on these, broke a petal, but otherwise they sprang back up unsmooshed.
xoxo a.d.

Crocus - Spring 2018 - NW Arkansas

Rainy day entertainment.
Hi Mom!
It has been a tad chilly outside, so I have been catching up on studio work.
I think I am going to make a print of this one.
Nature makes the best art.
xoxo a.d.

Signs of Spring - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Who's excited?
I am so excited for Spring Mom - 
Flowers are blooming, birds are everywhere, the air smells so clean and new.
I have more seeds on the way, I hope to have the hill filled with flowers.
xoxo a.d.

Something from Hitchcock - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

The scary side of Spring:
This is how I know for sure Spring has truly begun Mom -
the vultures are back.  
Every Spring I get a committee of vultures that begin to trickle into the trees, one at a time, until there are so many they are breaking branches.
Then they move on.
They are unnerving, I am always concerned that they are waiting for something in particular, or if they are just chilling.
#Hitchcock; #Nightmares; #Spring
xoxo a.d.

Cooper Drug - State St - Augustus KS

Going downtown.
Spring stopped here Mom......
Seriously, it was beautiful and then it got cold and frosty.  I am still feeling "springy" so I am scouring the archives for visions of springs past...
Like this one, from the historic downtown of Augustus KS.  Fun place to stop on the way to Wichita.
xoxo a.d.

First Leaves Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

It isn't just about flowers.
After finding the crocus Mom,
I started searching around for more signs of Spring.
Leaf buds are beginning.
I am so excited!!!
xoxo a.d.

First Flower Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

Spring is here!
I am so excited Mom!
Spring is here, the first flower of the year is starting to bloom in my flower bed.
I love the crocus!  I love spring!   
I love the sun!
xoxo a.d.

Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium - Hwy 116 - Booneville AR

Historic Art Deco Architecture.

So guess what else is in Booneville Mom?
The historic Arkansas State Tuberculosis Sanatorium.  This is the Nyberg building, the main hospital, which stopped treating patients in the 1970's.
We had read that this was a museum, but it wasn't open when we came and we couldn't find any information about tours, so I don't think that information is current.
While a gorgeous building that is on the historical register, I rather think it was haunted, if not, certainly eerie.
The rest of the grounds were put to other uses.
xoxo a.d.

Batman in Booneville - S. Broadway - Booneville AR

Superheros can be found anywhere.
Last year driving to the  Hot Springs Spa  Mom,
We saw a turn off for the town Booneville - I always meant to get back there and find out what was in the "boonies" and I found Batman.
It was awesome.  We now know where the Dark Knight goes for vacation. 
(he was really nice)
xoxo a.d.

Cavern Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

An underground river.

Geese I49 Bella Vista Arkansas

Poor Geese Mom!
There is so much water right now that the geese aren't sure what to do.  This is Lake Rayburn, it has overrun the shore. Generally, there is a walking trail here.  But the trail follows Sugar Creek and is mostly underwater now.
Crazy weather.
xoxo a.d.

Tree Park Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

An Abundance of Water

Hi Mom, 
We have been staying on higher ground (mostly) .
After the rain stopped, we took a trip around town to survey the floods, (we were careful).
The amount of water dropped on us was crazy - I wish we could send some to California.

xoxo a.d.

The Plane! The Plane! - River Dr. - Lakeview Arkansas

Brave souls, these.

Okay Mom, last one about the fishing trip.
It had its own airstrip.
By airstrip I mean a grassy strip of land with a windsock.  No safety features, no air traffic controllers, nothing.
It was fun watching them take off and land, bouncing the airstrip, even though it was scary.
As for me taking a ride?  Nope.
xoxo a.d.

The Answer is No - River Dr - Lakeview, Arkansas

Such a rare "moon"

There is an abundance of birds here Mom,
Including this guy - I had seen a picture of one a white peacock once, but this was the first time I had seen one in real life.  I had an idea of how I would have liked this photo to have looked to go but the peacock was having none of it, choosing instead to present me this vista. 
 I believe the gesture is meant to be disdainful. 
xoxo a.d.

Finding Fish - River Dr - Lakeview Arkansas

It was a popular spot in the river.

Fishing started early here Mom - 
and it was so cute :D  - all these (adult) boys lined up next to the boats, with fishing poles and tackle boxes, almost dancing with excitement while the guides readied the boats.  
It was really quite cold but it has been fun to watch them this morning.
xoxo a.d.

Sunset from Cabin 7 - River Rd - Lakeview Arkansas

We got settled right before the sun went down.
So here we are - first road trip of 2018 Mom -
We went to Bull Shoals and the White River.   We picked this place because of the trout.  The White River is (I believe) the only river in Arkansas with trout.  (I also believe they come from the Neosho Fishing Hatchery).  Fish misses trout fishing, and February is supposed to be the best time to go. We have a cute little cabin with the old time keys and a stone fire place, it has a great view of the river too.
xoxo a.d.

On the Road Again - I80 - Somewhere in Wyoming

Sing with me everyone, you know the words!
Gearing up for the first road trip of the season Mom!
We are going to stay in Arkansas for the trip - just heading over to Bull Shoals.  Fish found out that the White river is hopping with trout during February so off we go.
It is supposed to snow :D  I made sure the cabin has a fireplace.  But I am looking forward to getting some more Winter pictures.
xoxo a.d. 

Ziggy in the Yard Hwy 549 NW Arkansas

When in doubt, get a photo of the dog.

Good thing Ziggy is so photogenic Mom.
I had taken the last few days to do a study of tree bark/branches etc.
It sounded like a fine idea in my head, but I am not really feeling any of the photos I took.
Instead, the best picture I have taken lately is the one of Ziggy, my partner in crime.
Dogs always save the day.
xoxo a.d.

The Birds Are Out HWY 549 NW Arkansas

Getting a dip in during the warm weather.
It didn't take long Mom - 
Once the sun came out, so did the birds.  The minute the ice melted in the bird bath, the birds were all over that too. I guess I wasn't the only one with cabin fever. 
xoxo a.d.

Good Morning HWY 549 NW Arkansas

A beautiful sunrise can make a beautiful day.

Good Morning Mom!
I was having a sluggish, grouchy morning until I looked outside.
The colors of the sunrise were so pretty this morning.  It is amazing how one beautiful sight first thing in the morning can change your entire outlook for the day.
Look outside for something pretty Mom and have a great day.
xoxo a.d.