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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Cascades at Pinion Hollow - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Dear Henry:
I do love the rock in the Ozarks.  The stratification is so thin in some places that it looks fragile.  The rocks also allow moss to grow incredibly well, so they are quite slippery.  Luckily, the water is pretty warm.
Speaking of the water, the color of the water in the Ozarks is another thing I love, it has an almost purplish tinge when captured with long exposure.  

xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Pinion Hollow, Bella Vista, Arkansas

We went on a short hike this weekend Henry:
Staying close to home, we just ran over to Lake Ann and Pinion Hollow.   Below the dam, where the water runs out of the spillway, there is a waterfall/set of cascades.
The rocks are wonderfully mossy and have begun to catch the first of the fall leaves.  The landscape is quite "hobbity".
I stayed there quite a while and played in the water.  I think I got some great pictures.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: From the Garden - The Black Dahlia - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Dear Henry, 
I think the season for my dahlias is about to end. I can't decide if I am sad because they are lovely flowers or relieved, because they, like gladiolus, require support and staking and like to lay sprawling across the garden.   I am definitely going to be more proactive next year with a support system because I love the look of my dramatic flowers.
Speaking of black dahlias - have you read the book The Black Dahlia?  If you are like Noir I highly recommend it.

A Note From the Road: Philosophical Meanderings - Rainy Day Blues - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Another rainy day, Henry, Although it should be clearing up soon. I figured I would take this time to focus on some much-needed home repairs.
I soon realized that would be a nope.  The first problem I ran into was an empty tool bag.  I found a few of them in various places around the house, but, I couldn't find everything I needed.
The next problem I discovered is that the breaker box, which appeared to be so neatly labeled, really isn't. It also isn't easy to get to.  Trying to figure out which breaker controls the master bathroom has now become a two-person job. 

Sigh, maybe I will do the windows?
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Philosophical Meanderings - Hurricanes and Storms - Bella Vista Arkansas

Here I am, waiting on a hurricane  Henry -

Although I suppose Gordon is just a storm now.  I am looking forward to it, I love the storms. 

I say this from someone who hasn't lived through a hurricane, although I wonder, for those who have a good generator, a few weeks of food and water, and zero risk of flooding, enjoy the awesomeness of the storm?  I suspect a little bit.

Gordon is about an hour late though.  I have noticed storms lack any respect for standard timekeeping. I suspect this is because weather science, like so many other sciences, are more educated guesses than fact.

I believe, this time, that I am in a position to just "enjoy the storm" rather than "suffer through the storm", and I am grateful to be able to say so. 

xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Philosophical Meanderings - South Boulder Creek Through the Trees - Eldorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Henry,

Someone scoffed yesterday, saying they couldn't possibly live without the mountains and by mountains, she meant the Rockies, because the Rockies are well the Rockies.

I disagree though with the statement.  I love the Ozarks, despite spending my entire life under the shadow of the Rockies.

The Ozarks are cozier, I think.  To be sure there aren't the sweeping vistas that the Rockies provide, but, because the Ozarks weren't caused by uplift, but rather erosion, they are full of wonderful hollows and give one the impression of living in a canyon, all nestled snug in the forest. The vistas of the Rockies are thrilling, but, I loved the canyons more.

I do miss the cold water though.  Here, during the heat of summer, water is very warm and contains none of the crispness of the high mountain streams.  It has been a small sacrifice though and the lack of crowds more than compensates. Plus, the Ozarks have fireflies.

xoxo a.d.

A Note From The Road: Philosophical Meanderings - Stillness On Spring River.

Dear Henry,

This summer has been one of stillness for me.

Which has been great, I was able to recharge the creativity battery and find some inner peace but it has been odd, and now it is time to end the stillness.

Generally, we seem to flitter around on road trips all summer, but not this year, it was just one this year.

I started thinking about how much time we have been focusing on other things, including Fish's day job and noticed how much we have let our "outside time" slide.

One of Fish's favorite songs is Scare Away the Dark by Passenger.  I think there is some wisdom in that,  Fish and I definitely need to get out into nature more.  Road trip more. It enriches our outlook, our sense of self and our marriage.  There is always time if you make it.

xoxo a.d.