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A Note from the Road: Road Trip California - Trillium Falls - Fern Canyon - Redwood State Park - HWY 101 - Orick, California

Here in the immenseness that is Redwood Park Mom.

Pretty here, despite the drought, which is horrifying.  So much is dying, you can almost see the earth shriveling up and dying.


A Note From the Road: Road Trip Nevada - The Extraterrestrial Highway - NV-375 - Crystal Springs, Nevada

We finished the Extra-terrestrial Hwy Mom
(also known as NV HWY -375)

Although the Nevada Desert is starkly beautiful, we didn't see anything extra-terrestrial but maybe it's because we did the drive on a Wednesday. :(


A Note from the Road: Road Trip Utah - Salt Valley Road - Arches National Park - Moab, Utah

Arches Mom Arches!

(ok so not this specific picture) but I was in Arches National Park, along Salt Valley Road.   The sun barely peeking through the clouds, trying to make an attempt at showing up on this rainy day before setting.  It was a groovy vista.


A Note From the Road: Road Trip California - Golden Gate Bridge - Lincoln Blvd - San Francisco, California

We made it to San Francisco Mom - 
- and we realized how many people like to come to San Francisco - it is crazy crowded here. A jungle of people and scooters, with horns.  I think I would rather run into a bear than brave San Francisco during rush hour. XOXO A.D. Elliott

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Colorado - Boreas Pass - HWY CO-10 - Breckenridge, Colorado

Took the long way to Breckenridge today Mom 
Boreas Pass is such a picture of a road (wink).  So are the mining remnants you find along the road.