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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Hawaii - Between the Sky and Sea - Daniel K. Inouye Hwy - Waimea, Hawaii

The blur between the sky and sea.

Daniel K Inouye Hwy is one of the coolest roads ever.  This was our view - the sky and the ocean merged, it was beautiful.

A Note From the Road - Road Trip Louisiana - Merging - Baronne St. - New Orleans, Louisiana

Merging the old with the new.

Writing to you from Baronne St New Orleans LA Mom NOLA is a groovy city - a mixture of the old, the new and the condemned - Katrina recovery is still ongoing.  It is also really crowded. XOXO A.D.

A Note From the Road - Road Trip Colorado -Broadmoor COG Train - Pikes Peak Summit, Colorado

You will need a sweater.
Mom - coming to you from the top of Pikes Peak Co,  We took the train from Manitou Springs, bought the special "High Altitude" Donuts. Quite Tasty


A Note From the Road - Road Trip Colorado - Rainbow Bridge - Hwy 52 - Fort Morgan, Colorado

Hey Mom

We found this cool bridge in Fort Morgan Co along HWY 52.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge, and back when it was built in the 1920's it was the longest Marsh arch.


A Note From the Road: Road Trip Utah - Ghost Rock - I-70 - Emery County, Utah

This is Ghost Rock Mom, We saw it along the Western End of I70/

The pretty corridor between Green River UT and Salina UT, very stark and rugged.  Butch Cassidy used to hide out around here.


A Note From the Road: Road Trip Colorado - Deer Hunting - Fall River Road - Idaho Springs, Colorado

Mom - I "shot" a deer for you....isn't he gorgeous?

We spotted him along Fall River Road, Idaho Springs.  He was very docile and there is a fair amount of zoom in the picture.


A Note From the Road - Road Trip Colorado - Thistle - Steuart Rd - St Mary's, Colorado

Mom - I picked a flower for you!

I know they are a prickly weed, but I think they are pretty.  Bees and butterflies like them too.

I found this on a trail at the end of Steuart Rd in St. Mary's Co.  There is a lovely lake at the end of the trail.


A Note From From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas- Alligator Lizard - Hwy 340 - Bella Vista, Arkansas


Found this lizard that looks like a baby alligator along a trail next to HWY 340 in Northern Arkansas.
Should I send him to Jilly?