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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Glory Hole Falls - Hwy 16 - Ozone AR

Nice hike, nice falls.

It was such a nice weekend Mom!
We went for a hike to the Glory Hole Falls, I suppose you can see where it got its name from.
The entire creek has short falls and water slides, and it was quite a pretty hike although a little steep in spots.
The falls and the area around it is a great picnic spot (we didn't bring one :/ )
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Hawaii - Alahaka Bay - Hwy 160 - Honaunau HI

It rains in paradise.
Hi Mom, 
Morel hunting is a frustrating thing.  We still can't find any.
Everyone else has found pounds upon pounds, I am covetous.
I also refuse to buy any at the farmer's market because darn it,
I live in a forest and should be able to find these!
still looking...
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Louisiana - Wishful Landscaping - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

This may just stay a wish....

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Colorado - Screaming Trees - Hwy 491 - Mesa Verde Colorado

The trees still look mad.
I have been messing with these pictures for a while Mom,
and I can't seem to get them right.  Between 1996 and 2003 there were several fires at Mesa Verde and a lot of the bristlecone pines burned.
I have seen quite a few fire scars but this one struck me as odd, all of the trees looked mad.  Really mad.  I still don't think I captured how eerie it was on that plateau surrounded by angry trees, but it was quite the humbling experience.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Magnolia's Protest - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Even the trees are fed up with the weather pattern.
This will be the one nice, warm day this week Mom.
Then we slide back into cold and rainy :/
Even the trees seem to be staging protests about the weather this Spring.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From The Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Weaver - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

The Itsy, Bitsy, Spider.

My favorite spiders are out and about Mom:
I know they are kind of intimidating looking (particularly in macro) but
I hate mosquitoes, Fish hates them more (they always bite him).
This guy  LOVES mosquitoes (and all sorts of other, troublesome bugs).
They can stay.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - And It Rains - Hwy 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Into each life, a little rain must fall.
After a few days of sunshine Mom,
The clouds have descended upon us again.
This weekends storm looks to be exciting -
windy, snarly, electrical. Which are really my favorite type.
They clear the air so much.
xoxo a.d. 

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Spring Dawn on the Lake - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Any day now.....
It has been such a cold spring Mom - 
This week has been awesome and other than the coming storm this weekend,
 we are headed into the warmth of Spring.
I would have expected more leaves out, by this time all of the houses have disappeared 
behind their respective walls of foliage and we get to forget, for a few months, that we
have neighbors.  We are lucky that they are all so nice.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Florida - Dolphins - Sea Harbor Dr - Orlando FL

Entering the stone age

Did you know Mom......
Dolphins are in the stone age.  Along with most primates, Dolphins use tools to accomplish things.
Otters, crows, octopus, and elephants all use tools too.
I have seen Ziggy using them as well.
If animals are entering their stone age, shouldn't we re-evaluate how we are interacting with them?  
xoxo a.d. 

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Variegated Petals 2018 - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Perhaps it will warm up today?
According to the weather channel, Spring will begin to act like Spring today Mom.
I think I made a mistake in the flower bed. I didn't cut all of the flowers that had come up before the storms. The poor things are in tatters and I feel like a bad plant parent.

xoxo a.d.

A Note from The Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Mushrooms and Moss - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

'Tis the season
Hi Mom - 
It is Morel season and all of my neighbor's news feeds  contain pictures of the loads of tasty morels they have found for their dinners.
I have only found a couple of snakes. I think the neighbors picked mine.
I am grateful that I live near a grocery store, I can't seem to get the foraging knack down.

xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Stormy Weather - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Grey and dreary

Ack! Mom, 
Clouds, grey skies and occasional buckets full of rain.  
I had previously treated rainy days as "pajama days" and would lay around, reading and drink tea.
Until this Spring,  if I held a "pajama day" every time it rained, I wouldn't be getting out of bed - and perhaps that is why daily rain is a struggle for me, I always feel like I should be curled up somewhere with a book, rather than act productively.
I wish there were a way to channel some of this water to the drought areas.  Granted none of it would be fit for drinking water, but irrigation for crops it would be great.
Is there a way to make this happen?
xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - A Sensuous Pink Tulip Petals Macro 2018 - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Where did tulips get their name?
Another macro shot of tulip petals Mom,
This overall picture causes the tulip to appear somewhat sensuous, and I wondered if that was behind the name.
Nope - named after the Persian word turban, of which they are said to resemble. (I think I disagree but okay)
I always thought tulips originated in the Netherlands, not the Middle East.   A lesson for the day.
xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Parrot Tulip Macro in Red - Spring 2018 - NW Arkansas

Flower Macro
I had to trip some blossoms because of the storm Mom,
and because it is *still* raining, I have spent a lot of time in the studio, playing with macro and light.
The petals almost look like they are made out of silk.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - The Beneficial Vulture - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Who knew they were such good neighbors?
Really, Mom, these birds scare the crap out of me.
They are roosting all around my house and I kept thinking it was an omen or something until I trusted the wisdom of a Google search.
So, they are the ultimate anti-bacterial bird - their diet curbs most diseases - even their poo is supposed to be somewhat anti-microbial.
They also remove the deadwood off of trees with their roosting - (incredibly helpful, I have several trees that have died).
There is also no reason to be afraid of their congregation, they are only after dead meat.
Hooray for the scary birds!
xoxo a.d.