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A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - The Beneficial Vulture - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas

Who knew they were such good neighbors?
The Beneficial Vulture - Hwy 549 - NW Arkansas - a.d. elliott

Really, Mom, these birds scare the crap out of me.

They are roosting all around my house and I kept thinking it was an omen or something until I trusted the wisdom of a Google search.

So, they are the ultimate anti-bacterial bird - their diet curbs most diseases - even their poo is supposed to be somewhat anti-microbial.

They also remove the deadwood off of trees with their roosting - (incredibly helpful, I have several trees that have died).

There is also no reason to be afraid of their congregation, they are only after dead meat.

Hooray for the scary birds!

xoxo a.d.


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A Note From the Road: In the Garden - Dahlia in the Rain - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Dear Henry,
It has been raining buckets here today, but for a brief moment it stopped and I was able to run outside to take pictures of the raindrops.
I love how the dahlia turned out, I think I am going to make an art print out of it.
xoxo a.d.

A Note From the Road: Road Trip Arkansas - Is That A Ghost? - HWY 549 - Bella Vista, Arkansas

Eerie and unexpected.
This was a little creepy Mom - 
I was wandering through the forest, getting pictures of leaves, moss, and squirrels etc and when I started processing this image I noticed the shadow.
I *think* (hope) it is simply motion blur from the wind, otherwise, Whispy and I were nose to nose.
I suppose it is almost Halloween.
xoxo a.d.

A Note from the Road: Road Trip Nevada - Naked Strip - Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas NV

Look, Mom! No cars!

Some months ago I had made plans to run the Las Vegas Rock and Roll half marathon just to get this picture Mom.
Due to some unforeseen training issues (otherwise known as not training enough) I had to pass on running it.  We had thought to cancel the trip, but after #VegasStrong we made sure we came.
I was able to get the picture I wanted and I saw the race from the sidelines.
Next year!

xoxo a.d.